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Feed The Hungry

Feed the Hungry 2022

It is about to happen again with the generous soul of everyone of us. Let’s make it happen again and even bigger and better.

You can take part by praying that we shall reach many people.

You can sponsor as many packs as you desire and can afford @ average rate of £15:00 per pack. (HSBC / Sort Code: 40-02-34 / Account Number: 11877925)

Please invite friends, families neighbours and colleagues to take part. You can join volunteers to go out to buy and pack the items. Thank you for your support over the years. The Lord will bless you on earth. The Lord will deliver you in time of trouble. The Lord will preserve you and keep you safe. The Lord Will not deliver you to the will of your enemies. Psalm 41:1-3

Feed the Hungry 2020

Food banks rely on our goodwill and support. Every year Embassy of Faith church goers donate items for the welcome centre and salvation Army in Ilford. While this year was different members still came together to donate packs with essential items.

We want to extend our gratitude to the community for the amazing support we have received this year. If you are still interested in donating you can donate using the following details:

Redeemed Christian Church of God Embassy of Faith

HSBC / Sort Code: 40-02-34 / Account Number: 11877925

Read more on the Ilford Recorder: https://www.ilfordrecorder.co.uk/news/church-donates-food-parcels-to-homeless-6882266

Thank you for your support. God bless

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