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Giwa’s family thank GOD for answer to their prayer at Mount Camel as they were offered a new home recently , even they applied towards the end of bidding with 149 people on the list , but to God’s glory  Giwa’s family won the bidding and got a new beautiful home.

Mrs Giwa thank God for life , beautiful kids and peace in their household with her husband who is her best friend.


Thank God for safe trip to Nigeria and back to UK with praise.

Mr Ladoja travelled home to see his old dad and family,  after being in hospital for so long here in UK .

Brother Ladoja thank God for his son 21st birthday.

Mrs Ladoja also thank God for her husband gift of life and peaceful return back to UK .


Sister Joke thank God for keeping her and the beautiful children alive and see them through hurdles of life. Sister Joke thank God that she is no more homeless as she now lives in a beautiful apartment in Kent.

Sister Joke thank God for mercy , and appreciate pastorate for ceaseless prayer for her and children when she thought it was over but then God used Pastors to strengthen her faith .

Sister Joke gives glory to God for her children and good school they attend now.

Minister Elizabeth Iyamu.

Minister Iyamu thank God for keeping her and all her household alive. Minister thank God that even though , devil is trying to bring her down, but she is still able to walk around unhindered because God gives her strength and happiness to triumph.


Pastor praises and thanks God for His mercy over all EOF family as He keeps all of us safe and alive from January to date .

Pastor thank God for awesome things He will do before the end of this year for us.

Pastor thank God for her home and peace there in.

Pastor thank God for so many things He has done for her and everyone in the church.

Mt Carmel 2016 Testimonies


My brother has a set of twins and one of them couldn’t stand properly. I added this to my prayer point during the retreat, when I got back to my room she received a video of the twin standing from the twins’ mother.

God promoted me at work by increasing in my salary. My manager had spoken to HR on my behalf.


I thank God that I passed my driving test. I used to be embarrassed of being seen standing at the bus stop but now I have my driving license.

I thank God for giving me three grandchildren.

God had given my best friend indefinite stay in the UK.


I thank God for answering of the requests I put forward last year. Another request is in process of being granted and I’m thanking a God in advance for the other ones.


I have been believing God for a new job. One day I was listening to the radio and I heard that a company was recruiting. After an enduring process of 5 stages, God gave me the contract I desired.


I thank God for the fruit of the womb concerning my family


I thank God that I was able to take leave from work to attend the Mt Carment Retreat.

I thank God for finding favour at work, my manager chose me to attend a course I didn’t apply for.


I thank God for my health, this time last year was taken to hospital by ambulance. This year, I’m whole and healthy.

The theme this year – ‘The Lord my Shepherd’ was just what I needed. I thank God that I was able to hear from him during the retreat.


I thank God for the person who sponsored me for this retreat.

I’m grateful to God for giving me a job to fund my business.


I thank God that my son made it to university after only doing 2 GCSE’s and passing A levels.


I thank God for supporting me throughout the whole of 2016. I reached the golden age of 50, my daughter graduated from university and my son started university.


I thank God for 7 years of Mt Carmel retreat. He’s been so faithful in bringing people and giving everyone testimonies.

My mum couldn’t walk properly; we all though it was arthritis but we later discovered she had a broken limb. She had to wear a cast for 3 months but now she can move around. I thank God for preserving her life.


We thank God because today marks our 5th wedding anniversary.

I was admitted into the ITU in hospital. I’m grateful to the church for all their support and prayers; now I am a well and healthy.


I thank God for my life; last year I almost died.


I’m grateful to God for journey mercies to Nigeria.

I thank God that I was able to complete my pledge to the church, even though she was meant to travel to Nigeria.

I thank God for my sister’s life; she is alive with all of us today.


A friend asked me to do a transaction in relation to his property. I almost signed a contract which would have caused me to be sued for negligence. I thank God for protecting my career by preventing me from making a serious mistake.


God has blessed me so much during Mt Carmel. I’m grateful to God for numerous testimonies which have taken place.

I thank God for Pastor Julius and Caroline Adegbite for being godly examples. I’m also grateful to God for being mentored by Pastor Julius; as a result of this mentorship, people think that I have been in the ministry for many years.


I thank a God for my life

It used to take me 15 minutes to walk up the stairs, as my legs would swell up and it was very painful. To God be the glory, my legs are much better now and I can even participate in the prayer walk.