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We are a Community who firmly believes in God’s word. Come journey with us.

The place of divine solution and a church of all nations where gifts are discovered and deployed to maximum potentials. Our desire is to see the expectations of individuals turned to manifestations. We believe that in every situation there is a solution and this is achievable by prayer and faith in the one and only TRUE God.

This is a Bible believing church, a church with a purpose, a church completely surrendered to the will of God through His son Jesus Christ our saviour.

We believe that: Each individual MUST live with a purpose and goal to GET TO HEAVEN. Each individual MUST not be selfish about their MAKING HEAVEN but MUST also ensure OTHERS MAKE HEAVEN TOO

Each individual MUST strive to live a life of HOLINESS, a life that is in accordance to the will of God for everyone. Each individual MUST actively PREACH THE GOSPEL i.e. tell others about their Faith in God. Each individual MUST encourage and support CHURCH PLANTING i.e. providing the opportunity for the gospel to be preached and taught to everyone.