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Summer Holiday Club


This is a report on the Summer Holiday Club that took place in Embassy of Faith,
Redeemed Christian Church, Ilford from the 3rd to the 14th of August 2015.


This report was undertaken by Oluwatoyin Ann Okpaise at the request of Pastor Julius Adegbite,
the presiding pastor of the church.

The concept behind the Summer School Club was to help young parents
in the church and wider community to gain access to affordable child care and education.



All the children were registered to gain as much information about them as possible.
This was to ensure that children who were allergic to certain types of food were monitored.
Also children who had mild learning difficulties were prepared for.


As this was an After School Club, we were only obliged to inform Ofsted
of the provision the church was providing because this was below the
recommended hours providers needed to have Ofsted approval.



One of the unique features was the low price attached to the 2.5hr session.
For most of the sessions, parents were charged £1.50 for 2.5 hours per day.
This was increased to £3.00 for extra sessions on Literacy and Numeracy.
This price included snacks, fruits and drinks. On most days,
we were averaging between 9-10 children.


On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, The children were mostly involved in
Arts and Craft, Games and Bible reading and singing. On alternative days,
they learnt basic Literacy and Numeracy.


Not surprisingly, this was a great success considering
we did not advertise a lot for the Summer Club due to limited finances.
Most of the members of the church involved volunteered their services for free.

Although this was a one-off experiment, it was greatly enjoyed by all
including the children and volunteers.



If this is to be repeated, the church will need help in funding the
Summer Club as there is a definite need for it in the community,
especially for young mothers who need to have their children in a safe place
for a couple of hours whilst they do their shopping.